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About: TonyRenoSports.com

Tony Reno is a man that many might call old school. He still uses the phone. His phone is his most powerful tool. You see, Tony has accumulated a multitude of contacts in his forty years of sports betting experience. These contacts are stationed all over the world and provide invaluable information that almost nobody has access to. The contacts are people in unique positions to provide unique information. For example, Tony may get on the phone and call one of his contacts at a Vegas sportsbook to find out which way the public is really betting. He may want to know which way the "wise guys" are betting the big bucks. He may call his contact who is actually at the pre-game. The contact gives information like if the team looked flat in pregame workout. Or the fact that the QB just broke up with his girlfriend. I mean this is the type of detail this man is used to getting on a daily basis.

Tony and his team decided to take their unique service and offer it on-line to sports bettors around the world in 2007. www.TonyRenoSports.com is the new home for this long time betting champs on-line service presence. Now, anybody with a computer from anywhere is in the world can get Tony's picks and inside industry news. There are simply not many people on this planet with the type of connections that Tony has. And now you can have access to this service too.

Tony is a strong believer in avoiding public action. When an overwhelming amount of people create lopsided action on a game, they usually turn out to be wrong and the bookies make a fortune. Tony has guys, many guys on the insides of sportsbooks. Both Vegas and offshore. He knows what people are betting. And when the public is all over one side, and the wise guys bet $500K on the opposite side, watch out for a Tony Reno guarantee! Get in on the winning action with a membership and watch your bankroll explode.


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